A Woman’s Benefits of Enjoying Orgasm

Orgasms bring a woman nine benefits:

One, forget cold medicine.
Orgasm can reduce colds. Sex once or twice a week is roughly equivalent to a higher level of Immunoglobulin A (lgA), which is an antibody in saliva that helps your immune system fight colds.

Two, better effect than sleeping pills.
Studies found that the release of oxytocin with orgasm can promote sleep.

Three, maintenance of the skin.
Lady Gaga said her young and tender skin is thanks to orgasms, “wave after wave of orgasm.” According to dermatologist Dr. Mervyn Patterson, “orgasm will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, increasing blood flow to the skin, making the skin’s blood vessels dilate, and people’s faces rosy.” In the process of entering orgasm, your body will release large amounts of DHEA (DHEA is a hormone produced by the body’s adrenal, and its secretion gradually decreases with increases in age gradually decreased trend as it has a significant relationship with the aging of the body), which is an anti-aging steroid that makes you stay young.

Four, no more headache excuses.
Headaches should no longer be an excuse for all kinds of absence. Dr. Beverly Whipple, the neuropsychologist who first proposed the term G-spot in the late 1970s, suggests that stimulating the female G-spot and orgasm can increase a woman’s pain threshold by 107%.

Five, protect the heart.
England’s first orgasm coach, Dr. Lisa Turner said: “If you do not want to have heart disease, enjoy more orgasms. An Israeli study found a high incidence of heart disease among women who experience less orgasms, and vice versa.”

Six, relieve stress.
During orgasm, the brain releases a variety of endorphins (Endorphins are a class of endogenous peptides with morphine-like substances that have an analgesic role, in addition to many other physiological functions such as regulating body temperature, cardiovascular and respiratory function), including serotonin, which is the main ingredient of Prozac (a medical treatment for mental depression). Oxford University’s Ashley Grossman said orgasm releases prolactin that has a “calming effect” (Prolactin is a protein secreted by the anterior pituitary hormones, necessary for mammalian milk production. It can promote milk secretion and stimulate the secretion of luteal progesterone, and its structure is similar to somatotropin). British researchers also found that experiencing frequent orgasms can lower blood pressure and relieve stress.
Sex has a protective effect on the body as orgasm can relieve stress, pain and prevent heart disease.

Seven, longevity.
According to the results of a study, couples who have sex at least three times a week, on average look ten years younger than couples who have sex twice a week or less. Edinburgh Royal Infirmary neuropsychologist, Dr. David Wicks said “sex makes us happier, and the chemicals produced directly enhance physical and mental capabilities.”

Eight, prevention of breast cancer.
Greek researchers found that women who experience very few orgasms are approximately 25% more likely to have breast cancer.

Nine, relieve pain.
An NJ study examined women with arthritis and cervical spine injury, and found that those who often experience orgasm can better cope with pain.

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