Ai Ni

Ai Ni
Spa Escort No.: 8218
Born: 1990
Escort Nationality: Indonesia
Escort Height: 160.7 cm
Escort Weight: 49.8 kg
Location: Petaling Jaya (PJ)
Hobbies: Shopping
Service Type: Spa
Rate: RM 200 – RM 450
Contact: +6016-360 0848

Sex Tips & Knowledge

Ways to Personalize a Man’s Sex Life

Many couples attribute a vast majority of their discordant sex life to diseases or physiological disorders, or psychological problems. Often, this is actually not the case. Where sex education is relatively low, people may have a lot of sexual misunderstandings. Under normal circumstances, if there are certain errors in the concepts of one or both parties, it will lead to contradictions and conflicts in concrete actions.

Men tend to take their sex life more seriously, while many women are still unable to properly face “sex”. Sex is the most noble of human enjoyment, yet for many of us it is a closely guarded secret pain. In the balance between morality and humanity, it often makes people confused and people lose their judgment.

In the men’s world, sexual happiness is supreme. So if you want to keep a man by your side, it is necessary to look at the sexual principles men pursue.

1. Multiple lovers = sexual happiness
Some people make looking for many lovers a “sexual happiness” target in life. Men who have this idea are not necessarily rich, but often have some advantages and want to formally carry out “achievement projects”. They have a strong sense of lust and of course, such men often become the laughing stock of gossip. Big numbers do not prove sexual happiness; it only proves how much of an animal you are!

2. Marry a beautiful woman
Everyone admires beauty and men are no exception. It is the goal of many men to find a beautiful wife. Cuddling with a beauty every day is a pleasure. No matter how skilled a woman is in sex, if she does not have good looks, it is difficult to arouse men’s desires. Now, some men may have just reached the well-off level, but to find a beautiful wife, they must work harder to make money, to meet a woman’s high consumption. Otherwise, the woman may develop other resources. In such cases, even if you find a beautiful wife, to live this way is exhausting.

3. I must give you an orgasm
According to some data, if men find that they cannot bring much pleasure to the woman, he will feel sad or even inferior. Even if he can enjoy a lush banquet or watch an exciting football game, he will not feel happy. As a woman, your enthusiasm and visible pleasure is the most essential thing. But if a man cannot understand or does not take advantage of this, it can be very depressing. You can say things like “everything you do is so wonderful” or “I’m afraid I cannot wait until the evening comes”. This will help an embarrassing situation and guide him to where you are going. Perhaps it is because women themselves are worried that they cannot reach orgasm, so many women will pretend to orgasm in bed and get men excited. In fact, most men are not stupid, and can tell the difference when you climax for real or pretend. When a man knows you are pretending, he will be hit even harder. In front of your most partner, there is no need to pretend. The two of you should have more in-depth communication, and see what position is more useful to really make you fly.

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