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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Is It Okay For Women To Sleep Without Their Underwear?

1: Cotton underwear
Q: What kind of underwear choice is safest for women’s reproductive health?
A: The female reproductive tract is divided into the external genitalia and internal genitalia. Underwear has a greater impact on external genitalia than it does on internal genitalia. External genitalia includes the female genitals and lower part of the vagina. Tight underwear or synthetic underwear has more severe friction with the skin, and can cause genital dermatitis or allergies, leading to skin itching. Therefore, women should choose cotton underwear. Some women may prefer lace panties, which is okay as long as the crotch area is cotton.

2: Eliminate the girdle
Q: In order to look thinner, women often wear girdles. Is there any harm?
A: The biggest hazard of wearing a girdle is affecting blood circulation. Cummerbunds tighten the lower limbs and abdomen, and may affect the blood circulation of these two parts. Although there is no clear data that shows the extent of the effect, you can imagine how poor blood circulation in the pelvis, vital organs, or ovaries will affect its function. In addition, if a girl is too young, wearing a cummerbund will affect the development of the pelvis.

3: Do not turn underwear inside out to dry
Q: I always like to turn underwear over when drying it, but feel it will be contaminated with bacteria or dust. I do not know how to deal with this.
A: Many people like to turn their washed clothes inside out, thinking it dries quicker and ultraviolet sunlight will disinfect it. But turning underwear inside out is unhealthy because smoke, dust, microorganisms, hydrogen sulfide, and other harmful substances are in the air. When you turn underwear inside out, these harmful substances will adhere to the underpants’ personal side. When worn, it can cause allergies, itching, induce a variety of skin inflammations, and even gynecological diseases. Therefore, personal underwear should not be turned inside out, and you should shake any dust off.

4: Dry underwear
Q: Every day after a bath, I wash my panties and leave them to dry in the bathroom. Is that healthy or not?
A: It is best not to put underwear hanging in a non-ventilated, dark, and humid environment. This is especially so for people who have fungal vaginitis, as fungus prefers to grow in damp, dark environments. It is best to dry underwear after washing. If your home does not have such drying conditions, hang panties in a ventilated environment to dry, to avoid bacteria.

5: Clean new underwear
Q: Is it necessary to wash new underwear before wearing it?
A: Wearing unwashed, new underwear is very bad for physical health. This is because, for clothing appearance, the production process often uses a variety of chemical additives such as shrink-proof, formaldehyde resin processing, fluorescent whitening treatment, and general sizing treatment. These chemicals generally stimulate human skin. In addition, insect repellent and disinfectant is used to prevent decay and mildew, which also have a stimulating effect on human skin.

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