Ci Ci

Ci Ci
Spa Escort No.: 8214
Born: 1988
Escort Nationality: China
Escort Height: 163.1 cm
Escort Weight: 50.0 kg
Location: Kuala Lumpur (KL)
Hobbies: Cycling
Service Type: Full Service
Rate: RM 200 – RM 450
Contact: +6016-360 0848

Sex Tips & Knowledge

10 Tricks for Sexual Vitality

One: Passionate photos
One of you plays the photographer, while the other acts as a model. The latter must be at the former’s mercy, and strike various sultry poses as specified by the other party, enjoying the spotlight on your sex appeal. Take turns shooting with the camera and be captivated by each other.

Two: Porn movies
Bravely turn on your camera to record your love making process, and play a porn actor or actress for the first time! Get a panoramic view of all the lust and body movements, the joy and enjoyment, a recording for many memories down the road! Note however that you must be careful, do not lose the tapes or allow them to be stolen! Otherwise, the next time you visit a porn site, the actor or actress is very likely to be you. If you really have this fear of embarrassment, just wash it off after watching it!

Three: Play “big wind”
Set a period of time during which, as long as the other party “blows”, you have to follow suit. It is a fear of getting hurt and anticipation that generates curiosity.

Four: Full strip show
Dim the lights in your house, put on your sexiest outfit, play captivating music, and then perform a primitive and private strip show for your partner.

Five: Eat blindfolded
Take a towel or handkerchief to blindfold your partner, then feed him a variety of different foods, and see whether the other party can recognize what food they are eating.

Six: Guess the caress
Again, the other party is blindfolded. Use any items of any size that can be found in the home to caress your companion’s sensitive naked body, and see if he can guess the pieces.

Seven: Delayed gratification
Have passionate sex, but just before you think you are about to climax, pause and let yourself cool down, then begin to seek climax again. Vacillate for at least one hour or more, then build up to the climax and finally let the avalanche come!

Eight: Stranger sex
One half of the couple heads to the bar alone first, then the two pretend to meet each other and strike up a conversation, like a beautiful first meeting. You can try to seduce him or her, finding out what opening remarks are useful or what is not attractive, and then enjoy your partner’s unexpected exclusive feedback.

Nine: Exchange roles
Quite simply, the man poses as the woman and the woman also poses as the man. You can arbitrarily play her / him, then when you have had enough, just swap back.

Ten: Variety time
Both people write down what they have secretly desired or been curious about on small pieces of paper, gather them in a hat or bowl, then randomly draw one and discuss the topic. If both are in agreement, try the approach.

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