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Service Type: Massage
Rate: RM 200 – RM 450
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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Lack of Foreplay Tops “Defeat” Rankings

Lack of foreplay
When there is a lack of sexual foreplay, the man cannot move his partner, the woman does not respond, and her vaginal fluid cannot provide lubrication; if the woman does not touch the man, he cannot have an erection. If at this time, the actions are rough as well, it is more likely to cause objections. People with no sexual experience or people with sexual trauma especially, are likely to cause conflict and pain.

Solution: Ancient Chinese health experts called foreplay the “road show”, because its purpose is to make physical and psychological preparations for intercourse, and make it easier to achieve orgasm. In addition to traditional sexual foreplay like hugging and kissing, you can also include massages, love talk, and so on. Modern medicine has discovered that men and women’s sexual response cycles are not synchronized. Usually the male sex drive is quickly stimulated by a visual or auditory, while women are relatively slow.

Noisy environments
Good sex needs warmth, tenderness and a romantic atmosphere. Imagine if there is noise outside the room, the bed makes creaking sounds, or there are several generations in the same room. How can sexual desire be aroused, how can there be a happy sex life?

Solution: A romantic and quiet indoor environment before sex is very important. Both men and women must be allowed to feel relaxed and pleasant. A comfortable bed and a quiet room are the necessities of sex. For women in particular, because their sexual response cycle comes slower than men, they are more vulnerable to the impact of the surrounding environment.

Drunk intercourse
Many people like to take advantage of alcohol when having sex because after drinking, people become dull and numb, which can prolong the duration of sex. As everyone knows, a little alcohol brings cheer, but a lot of alcohol brings defeat and the quality of sex will be greatly reduced.

Solution: Classic Chinese medicine has banned “alcohol in the room” for thousands of years. When drunk, it is easy to act rough, and difficult to correctly estimate the force exerted, so you might cause harm. After drinks, the excitability of brain systems is temporarily increased and sexual function is temporarily decreased, so sex is often hasty. In addition to “defeating” sex, alcohol can also “defeat” sperm. In this case, if sex results in pregnancy, the child may be born with health problems.

After a busy day, tired out in the evening, many people still have sex, not knowing that it is difficult to achieve the best conditions in this situation. There may not be a strong erection or ejaculation is weak, and a harmonious sex life becomes an unattainable thing.

Solution: If you go into battle tired, sexual arousal may be limited and it is hard to reach climax. Be fully rested and have a comfortable sex life in the morning.

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