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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Precautions for the New Year

Spring Festival is China’s most grand, most popular traditional festival. It has a long history and rich cultural connotations. Although customs may vary, family reunion and festive fun are common themes. For new mothers who have just brought a new life into the world, mothers looking forward to the birth of their baby, and babies, having a safe and healthy Spring Festival is the first priority.

Expecting mothers New Year guide:

Light diet with fruits and vegetables
During the Spring Festival, there will inevitably be a lot of meat and fish. Mothers in their first trimester should separately prepare some light and nutrient-rich foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Mid pregnancy, you can eat freely but be careful not to eat too much or too many sweets, otherwise you may make yourself put on too much weight and the baby may grow too much. In the third trimester, eating too much can cause abdominal discomfort so you should eat small frequent meals.

In fact, during the Spring Festival, all mothers should try to stick to a light diet combined with fruits and vegetables. Eat cucumber, spinach and other fibrous vegetables to ease constipation, and less meat, fish and sweets. Walnuts, peanuts and other nuts, although they are rich in nutrition and play a role in fetal brain development, can burden the gastroenteritis if consumed excessively. Try not to eat raw, cold, hard things, to avoid stimulating contractions. Also, mothers should drink plenty of water, as well as fresh fruit juice, milk or yogurt.

People often only eat afternoon and evening meals during the holiday, which is very detrimental to the baby in your belly. Pregnant women should take some eggs, milk, and other nutritious and easy to digest foods, in between meals.

Although studies have shown that a small amount of alcohol does not have much impact on the baby, for you and your baby’s health, try not to drink. Smoking has a very bad effect on placental blood flow. The majority of pregnant women do not smoke, but the danger of passive smoking is also great, so please pay attention during the Spring Festival. Ask visitors not to smoke, and do not go to places where people smoke.

Leisure activities
Within the first three months of pregnancy, mothers had better not go to crowded places or get tired out, or it may be easy to miscarry. Women who are pregnant seven months or more should pay more attention on trips, as tiredness easily leads to premature birth. In these two periods, it is best for mothers to “travel” between 9:00 and 16:00, for the body to “breathe.” In the relatively stable second trimester, activity in the outskirts is most suitable. Not only is there fresh air, but there are fewer people.

No matter how many months you are pregnant, you should ensure that you have adequate sleep. Do not stay up late during the holidays, and take a nap at noon. The posture of sitting on the sofa for a long time is not conducive to blood supply to the uterus, so do not watch TV for too long.

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