Early morning sex – What do you need to pay attention to?

More and more white-collar workers like hearty sex early in the morning. What do you need to pay attention to?

1. A cup of water is required before and after intercourse
After a long time in a dry state, men may not be able to maintain normal organ morphology. Erections may be affected, or there is decreased production of sperm. Moreover, as nutrients and metabolites cannot be transported in a timely manner, fatigue after sex is not easy to eliminate. So you need to drink plenty of water before and after sex, early in the morning.

During sex, the body’s consumption of energy and water is significant. If you fall asleep immediately after sex, the whole body will be in a dry state, resulting in blood viscosity, which can cause certain diseases.

2. Pay attention to female urethritis
Some women complain that before they were sexually active, they never had urethritis; but after, urethritis became a frequent visitor to their bodies. Some women suspect their partners of recklessness.

Repeated episodes of urethritis have a certain relationship with a woman’s sex life, because in sex, it is easy for bacteria from the female urethra to move up through the urethra, bladder, ureter and renal pelvis, causing urethritis. In order to prevent this, women should drink some water before sex, so there is enough to urinate after sex. Urination can wash the urinary tract, which prevents the occurrence of urethritis. If a woman has urethritis, it is best to only resume sex a month after it is cured. This is beneficial to preventing a recurrence of urethritis.

Replenishment strategy: When the body has enough water, there is an adequate amount of hormones, and sex is satisfying. When a man drinks one or two glasses of water in advance, erections are more powerful and the duration will be longer. After, drink a cup of warm water, and replenish the body’s water consumption to reduce blood viscosity. Drinking plenty of water before sex can also play a role in preventing female urethritis.

3. Do not drive immediately after morning sex
Fast-paced, high-intensity work means many white-collar workers go home at night psychosomatically fatigued. So, many people choose to sleep and enjoy sex the next morning.

With rush hour traffic in the big cities, about 40% of drivers have an accident when driving just after sex.

As a driver, you need good vision, attention, and the ability to respond to emergencies. After sex, limb muscle stiffness caused by muscle movement, will lead to an increased release of lactic acid and other metabolites, muscle tissue pain, numbness and other phenomena. Thus, if you drive immediately after sexual activity, it is difficult to take timely and effective measures and this easily leads to accidents.

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