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Three Kinds of Ambiguous Men Most Easily Tangled Up with an Ex-Girlfriend

Normal women would not ignore ambiguity between her boyfriend and others. Ambiguous circumstances between her boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife are even more unacceptable. But he cannot be trapped in his home! Three signs reveal his ambiguous heart… Ambiguous Male Type 1 ─ Tenderness Signs He wishes he could be the knight that takes(…)

Four Principles of Playing the Ambiguous Game

Between men and women, there is an ambiguous space between friendship and love. It is not quite love; so ambiguous is the best description. For men, this ambiguity is vanity. For a woman, it represents good feelings for the other party. However, before you choose this ambiguity, you must consider these four factors! 1. Never(…)

What Women Are Like When They Want To Have Sex

When asked to describe her libido, each woman’s answer is different. One woman so described her sexuality: “Sometimes I feel uterine peristalsis, and it seems only a man’s organ can resolve it.” “I’ll have the impulse on the eve of a vacation. Sometimes I imagine the organs of the opposite sex.” “Before menstruation, I sometimes(…)

The Female Orgasm Ejaculation Phenomenon – Squirting

There are many online discussion topics on the female orgasm ejaculation phenomenon – squirting. Just do a search and you will find thousands of pieces, but they do not give a detailed and conclusive explanation. Most of the content is stereotypical; one copies the other, and does not say anything new. Can women climax and(…)

Three Most Common Causes for Hymen Rupture

The hymen is a layer of film-like vaginal tissue located at the boundary between a woman’s vagina and vaginal vestibule. It is also known as the film before the vagina. It is a layer that covers a woman’s outer vaginal mouth, with a hole in the center of the film. Its location is at the(…)

Sexual Taboos and the Benefits of a Harmonious Sex Life

Sexual taboos: In sex, when the man nears ejaculation and suddenly stops, the purpose is to prevent ejaculation of fluids. Such interruption happens for different reasons. Some people think that resisting ejaculation helps prolong life; other couples do it because they do not take contraceptive measures, and some young unmarried cohabiting couples fear ejaculation will(…)

Lovemaking that Causes Infertility: Too Frequent Sexual Intercourse

Ejaculation in sex results in pregnancy when the sperm and egg meet, and combines to form a fertilized egg. Without ejaculation, the sperm and egg cannot meet, and pregnancy does not arise. Failure to ejaculate is caused by both mental and physical reasons. Medical research suggests that a common cause of infertility has the following(…)

Ancient Marriage Customs are Sexually Suggestive!

Today, marriage is simply about picking an auspicious date for a wedding banquet, but you may not know that traditional Chinese marriage involves a lot of stressful customs. These customs are not feudal superstition or red tape, but are closely related with sexual health. When talking about marriage, sex cannot be avoided. But sex is(…)

Early morning sex – What do you need to pay attention to?

More and more white-collar workers like hearty sex early in the morning. What do you need to pay attention to? 1. A cup of water is required before and after intercourse After a long time in a dry state, men may not be able to maintain normal organ morphology. Erections may be affected, or there(…)

Sexual Needs at All Ages

At every age, people have their sexual preferences. 20s: Sexually active, likes to keep experimenting Sexually, 20-year-old youths are very strong. Men are at their lifetime peak, quickly excited, sexy, and easily re-excited after orgasm. Women have sexual fantasies, and can be somewhat shy. In the United States, an investigation found that couples with the(…)