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Sex Tips & Knowledge

There is a lot of interesting speculation about dark labia, such as:
1. Friction from walking can cause a woman’s labia to darken; and
2. Some lotions are bad and even corrosive.

These claims are very funny, and are not scientific facts. Actually, in general, you cannot rule out the following reasons for women’s dark labia:
1. Genetic causes;
2. Too frequent sex;
3. Normal pigmentation.

In other words, sex can cause dark labia, including the internal and external vaginal opening. During sex, the labia have long-term repeated friction by external stimuli, resulting in partial pigmentation increases, and its color will migrate over time and become increasingly deep. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Hormonal stimulation of melanin also makes the labia become a darker color.

Everyone thinks pink is very cute, but pink nipple color is a sign of a woman that is not yet mature enough, while dark nipples are seen on mature women. So if you have dark nipples, you are a mature woman!

Only when you reach sexual maturity do the nipples become a darker color. This is because sex hormones provide breast nutrition, and a woman who has sexual experience will have such changes. Sex promotes sexy, strengthens the activities of the pituitary gland, and stimulates the anterior pituitary secretion of hormones. In fact, it is not only the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. Even the middle secretes hormone stimulation of melanin, which darkens the nipple color. At the same time, originally small breasts rapidly develop to become plump and beautiful.

Sex can promote sexual appeal and change your sexual organs (including the breasts), so you become a mature woman.

Another possible reason for darkened breasts is pregnancy. Attentive women will find a series of changes occur to their breasts during pregnancy: Breast size will increase and they become solid and heavy. Breasts will also feel full and there may be tingling sensations. The small particles in the areola around the nipple are particularly prominent, and already dark nipples will develop a black sheen.

Inner Thigh Skin
Some girls may find that, since they became sexually active, the inner thigh skin has become more and more dark. It looks unsightly, and may make them feel embarrassed. What can be done?

In fact, there is no need to feel sad or indecent, because inner thighs are like the sex organs in that hormones also affect them, so they darken relatively easily. This is actually a very normal phenomenon, and is related to your personal physical relationship; so do not be too worried.

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