Five Principles of Spring Intercourse

Spring is the sexual awakening after a long hibernation. How do you enjoy a healthy sex life during this peak?

In the spring season, yang energy rises and all things thrive. As with all other things, in terms of both ideology and physical activity, people should not be subject to any repression and as far as possible, maintain a smooth state of body and mind. At this point, intercourse frequency should increase from that of over the winter, or at least not be overly constrained. This is the way to contribute to the metabolism of the body tissues and organs.

Since ancient times, Chinese phrases reveal that people’s love becomes active in the spring. Male and female sex hormone secretion is stronger, and it is a good season for sex. It is important to remember that sex should follow certain rules and principles of health.

In foreplay, men should achieve “three”, that is full erection, penis heat and durable hardness. For women, it is best to achieve blush, feelings, micro-sweating and tight snuggle.

With spring sex, other issues should also be noted:

One, slowly increase the frequency.
As spring begins, you can increase the frequency of sex with an enhanced libido, but it must be gradual, with particular attention to non-arbitrary indulgence. This is because too frequent sex may cause physical discomfort, and be severely detrimental to the kidney.

Two, avoid thunderstorms and wind.
In most parts of China, during periods of frequent cold air, when the temperature is unstable and often accompanied by strong winds and rain, it is best to stop sex. In addition, in “late spring”, skin pores are opened and the body’s resilience against pathogenic cold is weakened, so keep warm during intercourse.

Three, no restlessness.
Liver qi is main in spring, so sex can be harmonious and the body can be healthy if the liver is smooth. At this point, sexual health is very sensitive to emotional upset or depression, so it is recommended that you keep a calm and happy mood before sex, and enjoy sex with wonderful expectations.

Four, supplement moisture and yang.
Spring weather is dry; couples must pay attention to replenishing moisture and avoid small amounts of concentrated urine caused by shortage of drinking water, which cannot wash bacteria and other harmful substances from the body promptly, and may result in reproductive system diseases. Meanwhile, soak up more spring sun, and take part in outdoor activities for the body to replenish the yang.

Five, pay attention to contraception.
During spring, sperm quality is better and it is easier to conceive. Therefore, if you do not want children but want to enjoy the passion, it is important to take good contraceptive measures, to avoid affecting a normal sex life or bring harm to the body.

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