Four Principles of Playing the Ambiguous Game

Between men and women, there is an ambiguous space between friendship and love. It is not quite love; so ambiguous is the best description. For men, this ambiguity is vanity. For a woman, it represents good feelings for the other party. However, before you choose this ambiguity, you must consider these four factors!

1. Never be in unrequited love
Remember, if he is playing the ambiguous game with you, he does not like you enough. When men really like a person, you can see it in their eyes, and they are anxious to be tied with you. How can he act in fits and starts, suddenly advancing and suddenly retreating? Yes he certainly likes you, and must find you pleasing to the eye before he wants to be ambiguous. Therefore, you must not be passionate about a man who is ambiguous. Even if he often takes you out, sends messages and calls every day; even if there are hugs and kisses, or you have slept together, it still does not mean anything. Do not believe the nice things men say.

2. Calm down and think about it, you may not necessarily really like him
People have inertia, for example if a person calls you every day at 9am, and two weeks later does not, you will certainly feel uncomfortable. This is a normal psychological effect. So, when you get used to him being around you every day, and suddenly he is away from you, you cannot be reconciled to it and start thinking about him. Do not believe that you really like him, this is just inertia. Do not think about him, do the things you are supposed to do, and in a few days you will get used to it and be all right. What do you do if he then becomes more enthusiastic? You can now see through it.

3. If you have really fallen for him, it is necessary to pursue the policy of silence
Put plainly, even if you really like him and think about him all the time, absolutely do not let him know. You can tell a good friend or write it out on the Internet to vent, but you cannot say it to him. Why? Because you must act beautifully, even if you lose, only you know, and he has no opportunity to look down upon you. Yes, who says women cannot take the initiative? Imagine the miserable experience if you should pat someone like him on the shoulder and tell the truth, and the result is being a joke for however long. Of course, you can take the initiative to lure, but do not take the initiative to declare.

4. What to do if you still like him?
There is no other way except to convince yourself that you do not like him. When you encounter an expert, you cannot read his eyes to see his intentions. Example, of his ten sentences, two are real business, five and a half are hints, and two and a half are praise. Then he quietly waits for you to get hooked. When he is 3cm away from your face, you only hear your own heartbeat. Every day he says, we only have a working relationship. It is like having a pot of cold water poured on you. Because you cannot be reconciled to the idea, you meet every day, and spend every day pondering. Later, if you see him in an ambiguous situation with another woman, you will be completely free. You realize there is nothing surprising here, this is his original trick. Initiative must be in your hands. This man has nothing to be nostalgic about.

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