Jin Jin

Jin Jin
Spa Escort No.: 8211
Escort Nationality: Philippino
Escort Height: 164.2 cm
Escort Weight: 49.5 kg
Location: Kuala Lumpur (KL)
Hobbies: Singing
Service Type: Massage
Rate: RM 200 – RM 450
Contact: +6016-360 0848

Sex Tips & Knowledge

How Much Sex Is Enough Sex?

With gender relation disputes, it is not about who wins, but rather the ability to find an objective or neutral point to solve the problem. “You are happy, I am happy” is the most positive attitude.

Which of the two sexes has greater interest in sex? How to improve each other’s sex drive?
Men and women have different sexual requirements and expectations. It is perfectly normal to have a high sex drive sometimes, and a lower drive at other times. The male sex drive is more urgent and targeted, more focused during sex, and it is easier to achieve physiological satisfaction. Women’s sex drive is often considered more dispersed, and there is a strong need for emotional intimacy. The difference between the genders is not quantity, but quality.

Male and female sex drives can be equally high, but the average male sex drive is higher because testosterone is at work. Erotic stimuli in the environment also play a part.

Women want romance, men like pornography, so there is a big difference in the structure of sexual interest. In fact, interest in sex starts in the head. It is necessary to pull away from everyday life, and concentrate on sex or sexual fantasies, to generate interest in sex.

Methods to increase women’s sex drive: romantic moves (such as sending cards, flowers, gifts, praise), more communication and intimacy, meet emotional needs, spend quality time together, and reduce disputes.

To promote male sexual interest: sex tricks or more dramatic sex, spontaneity, nudity stimulation, sexy inner beauty, partner’s positive response, pornography, and erotic stimulation.

Male sexual impulses can be generated in just three seconds; while women need 15-20 minutes.

How much is enough?
In one survey, one-third of couples reported having sex two or three times a month. In another, one-third of couples go long periods without intercourse or have sex once every two months. These couples were aged 38 years or less.

Real sex compatibility does not refer to the degree of interest in sex, but the same expectations for interest in sex, or the same view on what is considered normal / abnormal sex drive. Despite high or low sex drives, as long as the two parties have the same expectations and attitudes, you can overcome any sexual interest gap.

What are the most common male and female sexual complaints?
Men always feel there is not enough intercourse, and look forward to more. Also, they worry that their sexual performance does not meet their partner’s expectations, and their partner will gradually lose interest in sex.

Women complain of a lack of communication with their partner, and look forward to more exchanges and emotional intimacy. The more women talk, the stronger their desire to have sex. On an average day, women say 12,000 words compared to men’s 4000 words.

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