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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Are Erotic Films Beneficial or Disadvantageous

Sexologists have found that men who watch erotica are more concerned about their sexual skills, and this pressure will cause him to “lose points” in bed. So, erotica can indeed help with sexual arousal, but it is not necessarily better for physiological and mental health.

Variety of errors in erotic sexual skills
(1) In erotica, the actor’s genitals are often overly exaggerated, especially in European and American films, making some men lack confidence. In fact, putting aside blacks, there is no great difference between most Asian and Caucasian genitals. Pornographic film actors are often chosen because they are a rare case. Although black’s genitals are long when flaccid, there is no significant change to the length with erection.

(2) Erotic actors can last half an hour, but those are video clips. Lasting as long as three minutes before ejaculation is completely normal. A man make’s love under different conditions. Urinating or a hot bath just before making love will cause prolonged erection because that would reduce the sensitivity of the penis.

(3) Chinese or Asian women are not very expressive. If your girlfriend or wife makes love loudly, they may be encouraging you, to make you think that you can make a woman carried away. To determine whether the woman is really excited, mainly listen to the sound of their breathing and swallowing of saliva.

(4) Do not imitate erotic actors and actresses with a variety of novel ways to make love, or constantly changing positions. For a woman to reach orgasm, she does not rely on visual stimuli but sensory stimulation. Strange new positions to make love may bring freshness, but it is not necessarily comfortable. Also, a woman’s orgasm requires continuous stimulation. Time to transform a variety of positions will make a woman’s ignited excitement die down, and there is the need to re-stimulate.

Men who often watch erotica will have reduced libido
Men get accustomed to erotica “knowledge”, which means they like new tricks and the pursuit of visual stimulation. Therefore, in reality, it is no longer easy to reach orgasm. There may even be situations of physiological erection, but an inability to meet psychological needs.

Studies have shown that excessive exposure to sexual content will consume men’s desire, and they ignore normal sex with their other half. Even when engaging in an intimate act with their partner, they are unwilling to spend time on caresses and foreplay. Over time, it is easy to feel alienated.

Frequent watching of erotica also leads to excessive dependence on male masturbation. During masturbation, the penis feels much greater pressure and friction than that of normal sex. Over time, the man will not want to give up this pressure, and may even find normal sex uninteresting.

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