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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Do Not Ignore Pain in the Penis

Penile pain on the skin or internally is never a fun thing, just ask people who have had the symptoms to know. The main reasons for such pain can be a variety of penile trauma, as well as excessive sexual intercourse.

In addition, bites of any kind, any skin trauma, or pimples can often cause pain in the penis.

Another common cause of pain is a genital herpes infection. Before onset of the disease (rashes), the site of infection will have burning, itching, or pain phenomenon for five to six days. Then visible, obvious epidermis damage can be found. Once the blister-like ulcers gradually heal, the pain symptoms will disappear. After the first episode of herpes, some patients will go for several months, several years, or even a lifetime with no recurrence, while other patients have frequent cases of recurrence. Acyclovir is an antiviral drug that is good for oral use. Not only can it reduce the pain of the disease, it can also be effective in reducing the frequency of relapse. Before the AIDS epidemic, genital herpes can be said to be the most common cause of disputes and rage between the sexes. Today, contrasted with the deadly AIDS pandemic, these cases appear more moderate.

Inflammation of the prostate often causes pain in the penis. This situation may be due to infection or penile stimulation. If it is an infection, it must be treated with antibiotics; if it is caused by stimulation, adequate rest can alleviate the symptoms.

Syphilis can cause penile ulcers, but it does not cause pain. There are a number of sexually transmitted diseases that can cause pain symptoms but they are atypical urethritis (usually urinary tract infections caused by chlamydia or urethral inflammation) and gonorrhea. Although penicillin and other antibiotic drugs have been invented, gonorrhea still causes people considerable distress. In men who have not been circumcised, the foreskin is prone to infection, which also causes penile pain and swelling symptoms. Usually, as long as the true source of the disease is identified for appropriate treatment, most of the symptoms’ discomfort can be successfully eliminated.

The following are less common causes of penile pain:

1. Penile cancer. It is not difficult to identify penile cancer, as the formation of diseased tissue can be seen on the surface of the organ. Unless it is infected, penile cancer usually does not cause pain. The treatment of this disease is surgery.

2. Artificial prosthetics is now widely used to treat impotence. A tube is surgically implanted in the penile tissue, so the penis can use this device for successful erection. If the prosthetic can really achieve good function, the patient will be able to once again enjoy a satisfactory sex life. But these artificial implant tubes often become infected and cause pain in the penis.

3. Would you believe that eye redness and joint pain are associated with penile discomfort? This seemingly impossible syndrome is a result of the body’s immune system disorder caused by illness.

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