Masturbation is Not a Big Deal, But Enough Must Be Enough

From traditional perspectives, masturbation is generally known as an unspeakable act that is even considered to be unhealthy behavior. However, experts point out that masturbation is actually a normal physiological phenomenon. For people who are sexually mature, it can relieve sexual tension caused by anxiety and restlessness. So occasional masturbation is not a problem, but it must be in moderation.

With social developments, the sexual maturity of today’s adolescents has been greatly advanced, but more and more people are postponing their marriage and childbearing age. Therefore, from the onset of puberty to the period before marriage, it is a relatively lengthy process that at a minimum may be seven to eight years, or if more even 20 years. In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, this period is longer than that in the other cities. During this time, a normal male will experience numerous incidences of sexual desire and sexual arousal. With the desire comes the urge to vent, and you will naturally choose some way to solve the impulse, which leads to masturbation.

Experts pointed out that sexual impulses and sexual desire is a normal human thing, which also maintains the driving force behind human reproduction. So masturbation can be said to be a reasonable and safe way to release the libido, and to avoid sex related moral and social problems. In other words, we can say that masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon that indicates adolescent sexual maturity, and can relieve sexual tension caused by anxiety and restlessness in a positive way, especially for people with disabilities or those living alone. So people should not fuss over masturbation, nor should they panic.

Of course, the masturbation environment should be secret. Although masturbation is natural, you must pay attention to the time and place. Some people do not choose an appropriate time or place, or do not take any preventive measures, which is wrong. For male masturbation, it is best to choose an uninterrupted time, and ensure clean personal hygiene before masturbation, such as washing your hands and so on. Also, it is best to lock the door so as not to forcibly interrupt masturbation, because there have been cases of disturbed male masturbation that later caused impotence. From a medical point of view, the end result of male masturbation is ejaculation, during which the mouth of the urethra at the lower end of the bladder closes and semen is ejected through the urethra. When ejaculation is forcibly blocked, semen may enter the bladder and eventually be excreted with the urine. If it only happens once in a while, this artificial retrograde ejaculation process may not have any effects, but it may also cause urinary tract infections, which can also lead to ejaculation dysfunction.

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