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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Exercises to Tighten the Vagina

Holding back urine when urinating
The most popular method for effective contraction of the vaginal muscles is holding back as much as possible when urinating, prolonging voiding time. This training method is favored by many women.

“When I was 18 years old, my boyfriend said my vagina was a little slack. In retrospect, it was probably because he was not fully erect, but at the time I was really worried. I later saw in a magazine that exercise during urination can tighten the muscles”, said insurance broker Yuki, aged 22. “So I hold back three to five times every time I urinate.”

Yuki is obviously very satisfied with the results of the exercise. “Now I can arbitrarily shrink my vagina, my boyfriend told me that he can often feel me using vaginal muscles to squeeze him… although it is a little embarrassing to say, I must clench my teeth when I contract the muscles, and my boyfriend says he cannot stand it when he sees my expression.”

Yuki said her goal is to be able to squeeze a banana from its skin with her vagina. “I want to be the kind of girl that creates feelings of ecstasy that men cannot forget.”

30-year-old women’s favorite vagina workout
Different women exercise the vaginal muscles for different reasons. A 29-year-old designer said, “To please my former boyfriend, I would tighten my lower body. He told me if he were not wearing a condom, he would ejaculate in my body.”

Another 30-year-old food company employee said she practices shrinking her vagina for fear of being abandoned by her companion. “I am with a super sexual man who is very popular with girls. Frankly speaking, before I met him, I had little interest in sex. But for him, I have now bought a lot of manuals of vaginal muscle exercises. He often tells me not to shrink too tightly, or else it will soon be over.”

Frequent sex can cause vaginal relaxation
Gynecologists have pointed out that the medical profession has noticed more and more women worrying about their vagina being loose.

In the past, vaginal relaxation problems were common among postpartum women. But in the past five years, young girls have begun to go to the hospital for treatment of vaginal relaxation. Women worry about vaginal relaxation, just as men are worried about male impotence. In young girls, the phenomenon of vaginal relaxation that exceeds their is mainly due to too frequent sex.

Restoring vaginal elasticity is not really that simple, but just a little exercise can greatly improve sexual pleasure. However, some doctors do not advocate the method of holding back, but only recommend exercising with appropriate contractions while bathing or traveling.

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