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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Improving the Quality of Sex Starts From Pubis Exercises

In order to improve the quality of sex, ladies must exercise their body to make it more powerful and robust.

Pubic location
The pubis is at the lower front of the hip, and is separated into upper and lower parts. The pubic body constitutes the lower part of the acetabulum, extending from the inside of the body forward to the suprapubic branch, which bends downward to the pubic branch. The upper edge of the upper branch of the pubic bone is thin and sharp. It continues backwards to the arcuate line, and forward in a hump to form the pubic tubercle. The pubis is lower in the abdomen, at the inner thighs. The pubic tubercle is an important landmark, which extends inward to the pubic symphysis surface that has a ridge called the pubic crest. Inside the pubis branch migration, there is a rough oval area that is the surface of the pubic symphysis.

During sex, lower body movement and the pubis are inseparable. Whether in sports, or anything that involves spreading the legs, the pubic area is very critical. However, the pubis is not a lineal movement organ, it is just a connection point. What really plays a role is the PC muscle.

How to accurately find the PC muscle
The PC muscle is not difficult to find. A woman sitting on the toilet to urinate can, without moving her legs, interrupt urination and then continue to urinate. The PC muscle, which is in the perineum, is the force that causes the urine to pause and resume. When men masturbate, pressing down on the spot will be pleasurable without causing ejaculation. So there is no harm to the human body, but you can get great pleasure. If you press down and not let go, and do not ejaculate after completing masturbation, then that is where the pc muscle is.

Pubic muscle training methods
To make the pubic and PC muscle perform better, exercise is very important. You can practice the following two methods:

Voiding urine: Sitting on the potty, urinate with your legs apart. Midway, consciously contract the perineal muscle to interrupt urine flow. At this point, the muscle that you feel contract is the PC muscle. Note that you should not press your legs together or cross your legs as a way to abort urine flow. Some people cannot stop the flow of urine when they first start, but do it a few times and you can master it.

Leg exercise: Sit on the bed and raise the buttocks while contracting the PC muscle; lower the buttocks while easing the PC muscle. This allows the waist and legs gluteus muscles to get exercise at the same time. The urination training method is the foundation or preparatory action. Once this exercise is mastered, you can do the wave method. You can practice on the street while waiting for the bus, or at home when reading the newspaper or watching television, without any side effects.

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