Seven Benefits of Sex for Men

According to Pennsylvania School of Medicine, sex is equivalent to a jog. In a year, sex three times a week is equivalent to jogging 75 km. A regular sex life can promote the body’s metabolism.

Some people say sex is exercise in bed because during sex, breathing is unknowingly deepened, thereby increasing the amount of intracellular oxygen and promoting the in vivo function of various organs and tissues. This seems to have some foundation. Here, we take a look at the seven benefits of sex for men.

One: Protection and detection of eyesight.
A Liverpool sexual health study found that sex could make the eye muscles fully relaxed, and helps prevent myopia. Also, after sex vision is better than usual. If there is blurred vision or other conditions, it may be an indication that the eyes have a problem, and it is best to do a check.

Two: The prevention of heart disease.
In Ireland, a Queen’s University study shows that sex three times a week can cut the risk of heart disease and stroke in half. However, a London Bridge Hospital cardiologist reminded us that while sex-induced heart disease mortality is at less than 1%, like with any sport, people over 50 years old who are overweight or unhealthy do indeed face certain risks.

Three: Improve the quality of male sperm.
Increase the frequency of sex and the sperm will be more “fresh.” The reason is very simple, if the sperm is kept in the prostate for three or four days without release, the quality is definitely compromised.

Four: Reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
Studies show that ascetics have a higher risk of prostate cancer, while researchers at the University of Nottingham found that 50-year-olds who can still enjoy a regular sex life will have a reduced risk of suffering from prostate cancer.

Five: Help quit smoking.
Bristol Royal Hospital doctors said, if you want a man to quit smoking, you can tell him that smoking causes the spongy tissues to lose “flexibility”, and can shorten the penis. An American science magazine reported a Chinese study that included 7000 men who smoke. It found that the greater the number of cigarettes a day, the higher the risk of suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction).

Six: It is a natural sedative.
For men, an intense orgasm lasting 5-10 seconds is equivalent to taking 2-3 mg of sedative, and helps them sleep. The female orgasm lasting as long as 4-5 minutes, gives physical and mental pleasure and is beneficial for mental health.

Seven: The prevention of sexual dysfunction.
Regular lack of blood flow to the penis may cause some organizations to degenerate or die. A Finnish study also confirmed that for men, if the frequency of sex is less than once a week, the risk of suffering from ED doubles.

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