Sexual Needs at All Ages

At every age, people have their sexual preferences.

20s: Sexually active, likes to keep experimenting
Sexually, 20-year-old youths are very strong. Men are at their lifetime peak, quickly excited, sexy, and easily re-excited after orgasm. Women have sexual fantasies, and can be somewhat shy. In the United States, an investigation found that couples with the average age of 25 years are most passionate about trying new sexual positions, and fantasize about sex with different people.

For many young people, most of life’s “firsts” occur in this period. Keep in mind “safety first”, with the proper use of condoms. Also, trial with different positions should be gradual and not too hasty. Men especially, need more patience. Sex should be taken seriously, and not be approached with a “play” mentality.

30s: Half the frequency, more adventurous
In the United States, almost everyone over 30 years old has had an “outdoor sex” experience. They like semi-public places, such as the beach under cover of night, garden or park bench. At this age, people will try sex games, such as blindfolds and sex toys. Compared to the 20s, frequency of sex will be halved or even less.

Sex and “adventure” are inseparable. If a couple feels that sex in a park is too avant-garde, they can try another location, such as the home balcony or bathtub. But at this time, many couples have to take care of children, so learning to coordinate the relationship between sex and family is very important.

40s: Raunchy, more female orgasms
40-year-old men may experience erectile problems, but this does not prevent them from watching pornographic films and telling dirty jokes. They like to communicate with younger women using “sexual humor.” In the 40s, female sexuality is more exuberant, and 90% of women can often experience orgasms.

Some mature men may have raunchy habits of speaking, and it is important to pay attention to the occasion and have a good sense of propriety. The ten years from 40-50 years old, is the stage of sexual disharmony, when the two sides must have mutual understanding and tolerance.

50s: Focus on foreplay, step-by-step arousal
Male libido is lower and sexual arousal is slow, so more stimulation is needed to reach the peak. However, more experience means men are more considerate to meet the woman’s sexual needs. Women have begun to reduce their requirements, and prefer kissing and hugging intimacy.

An old married couple should pay more attention to spiritual fulfillment, and men who experience erectile problems should not be shy to see a doctor.

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