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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Six Restrictions of Sexual Exchanges

First, choose the right time for sexual communication.
Some couples think they should exchange views and feelings while sex is ongoing, but your companion’s questions might disrupt the mood and affect the pleasure of sex. This is especially so for men who can be greatly impacted, and come to a disappointing end. Couples must look at the time and occasion. If you open your mouth to explore issues when your companion is doing something else, like eating dinner or doing housework, your companion may find it difficult to accept, too sudden, or even offensive. Your good intentions may have devastating results.

Second, the content of sexual communication cannot be endless.
The relationship between men and women can maintain a certain degree of passion when, among other factors, there is a sense of mystery. Coupled with education levels and long-standing stereotypes formed over time, some questions are easy to ask but not to answer, or they may be difficult to express using words. You should also pay attention and know when to stop.

Third, exchanges should be stable and should not involve privacy issues.
Sex is selfish; you should not question your companion on whether there have been other sexual partners, the sexual contrasts between different partners, or other difficult questions. Couples should be sincere, but they can also have some privacy. Do not ask about your partner’s sexual experiences. The answer, if it comes, will not appeal to either of the two sides.

Fourth, sexual exchanges can be magnified.
Sex should be a couple’s own thing, the details should not be shared with family or best friends. If something happens and the couple’s private life is magnified, your companion may not be able to forgive you.

Fifth, sexual communication is not necessarily limited to words.
When a couple has been together for many years, they adapt to each other in their sex life. Sometimes a little change will cause a reaction or protest. Body language will show whether your partner agrees with the improvement of skills and other changes. Often, silence speaks or wonderful moods are self-evident. As long as the couple feels good about it, it works.

Sixth, sexual communication should not fall into the monotony of stereotypes.
For many, anything that goes on for too long can get annoying or even repulsive. If one asks almost the same questions every time you have sex, the person who answers the questions will be uninterested, and the former may not be asking from the heart. Thus it will give birth to feelings of boredom, and may affect sexual harmony. People coming from conservative sex lives are more open to other extreme situations. It is necessary to remind people who continuously pursue a better sex life, to avoid such erroneous sexual communication.

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