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Sex Tips & Knowledge

The Temptation of One-Night Stands

How strong is the temptation of one-night stands for men?
A survey showed that a one-night stand is like paradise for most men, while for most women it is viewed in very negative terms. Researchers noted that when it comes to one-night stands, men tend to reduce their selection criteria, so their praise and flattery of women is fake. Experts conducted a survey of 3,300 people, of which the majority of people were between the ages of 17-40. More than half the heterosexual respondents admitted to having had a one-night stand, and the probability of one-night stands among men and women is basically equal.

75% of men do not reject a one-night stand
Men and women do not have the same view of one-night stands. One report suggests that the male psychological tendency to look for an affair is much higher than that of females.

A psychologist tested nearly a thousand men and women. The experiment involved a charming man and woman, who would respectively accost the opposite sex in public places and say: “I think you’re charming and would like to spend the night with you.” It was found that 100% of the women in this situation said “no”, while only 25% of males took into account their partners and said “no”. The researchers’ further investigation also found that most women who have an affair will alienate their original partner, but most men can feel at ease and enjoy the fun of a different woman.

The leader of the study pointed out that although these acts are contrary to modern civilization and moral instincts, it is in the long evolutionary process of human formation. In natural selection, it is necessary for men to pass on their genes so women can have their offspring. However, in real life, most men will be content with monogamy because they do hope for family harmony and stability.

Which men love one-night stands?
Are one-night stands emotional? Unlike extramarital affairs, it is a short change in behavior that has nothing to do with emotion. One-night stands are purely about sex.

So what is a one-night stand? Is there a specific definition?
According to the interpretations of medicine, psychology and sociology, one-night stands happen when a man and woman who are previously not friends, but in some situation because of momentary feelings, impulse, or to vent loneliness, have sex.

An American sociologist made the following definition: A “one-night stand” is based mainly on animal sexual attraction. Both man and woman consider each other’s appearance, health, and other non-social factors, while ignoring things lovers should focus on, such as character, quality, cultivation, and so on.

However, with rapid development of the Internet today, one-night stands become the object of some people’s curiosity and excitement, or a transient release of “stress”. Most people do not take into account the possible consequences of no health and safety protection. Also, it causes social and moral turpitude that is an open challenge to civilized society.

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