Three Kinds of Ambiguous Men Most Easily Tangled Up with an Ex-Girlfriend

Normal women would not ignore ambiguity between her boyfriend and others. Ambiguous circumstances between her boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife are even more unacceptable. But he cannot be trapped in his home!

Three signs reveal his ambiguous heart…

Ambiguous Male Type 1 ─ Tenderness Signs
He wishes he could be the knight that takes care of every woman in the world. When he neglects this one his heart will be uneasy, when he causes unhappiness to another he will be ill. Regardless, he places the same emphasis on each of his ex-girlfriends. He does not think about you being with him, helping him pay the mortgage, cooking for him every day, doing the laundry, and also giving him a cute little baby.
Apply exactions! Economic power reverts to you, so he is helpless. You can also ask him for frequent inexpensive gift money, so that he does not have the chance to save his own money. Be more closely aligned with him every night, and find more time to communicate with him so he does not feel empty and turn to the Internet or telephone.

Ambiguous Male Type 2 ─ Loyalty Signs
Shoulders are wide enough, strength is mighty enough, and eyebrows are thick enough. He always thinks that as long as he has been to bed with someone, he has to take care of the person to the end of his or her lifetime. You suddenly realize that since you married him, there have been more and more “sisters” around you. Although they do not share your genes, their surname may as well be your surname.
Coax him with sweetness! Such men cannot resist this kind of soft power. Use your words to comfort him during the day and at night, comfort him with your body. Occasionally shed a few tears as you tell him how much he hurts you. When he tells you he will take you into his custody and do right, laugh and jump into his arms. Tell him that you only rely on him, so he suddenly feels that if he is not responsible towards you till the end, he is not a man.

Ambiguous Male Type 3 ─ Flirtatious Signs
Outwardly dresses like a flower, with a mouth as sweet as Claudel. He can be easily mistaken for a gentleman, but from the way he looks at you with wandering eyes and laughs pompously, you can clearly feel that he cannot be trusted.
Fly kick him out of your life! Rather than constantly spend effort on dealing with his ex-girlfriends, why not put effort into finding Mr. Right. Even if you cannot find Mr. Right, become his ex-girlfriend and let him be dedicated to you that way. It is better and much more fun than you being dedicated to them.

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