Three Most Common Causes for Hymen Rupture

The hymen is a layer of film-like vaginal tissue located at the boundary between a woman’s vagina and vaginal vestibule. It is also known as the film before the vagina. It is a layer that covers a woman’s outer vaginal mouth, with a hole in the center of the film. Its location is at the junction of the vagina and vaginal vestibule.

The physical structure of the hymen
In fact, the hymen is not a film in the literal sense. It is actually a very thin, very soft piece formed from connective tissue fibers, showing annular ring-shaped folds. A normal hymen has pores, and can be ring-shaped, a semi-circular shape, sieve-like, etc. Hymen mucosal tissue is rich in capillaries, nerve endings and so on. Thus, when a woman’s hymen ruptures, there often appears a small amount of vaginal bleeding, accompanied by pain.

When a virgin has sexual intercourse for the first time, and the male penis enters the vagina, the hymen rips. There is often multiple hymen rips, extending from the center to the edges. The male penis generally moves in an inward and downward direction, so the gap at the bottom on both sides of the vaginal opening is deeper. Sometimes, because the man uses too much force during intercourse, there are lacerations on the vaginal wall as well. When women give birth, because the fetus is delivered through the vagina, it further damages the hymen, and sometimes leaves a few remnants of protrusions called hymen marks. If it is a cesarean delivery, because the baby is delivered from an incision in the lower abdomen and not through the vagina, the hymen retains its shape.

Common causes of hymen rupture:
1. Because the hymen is in close distance to the vagina, the slightest mistake will cause the hymen to rupture. Hymen rupture is caused by a variety of reasons; the most familiar is that which happens when women have sex for the first time. In addition, the following occurrences can cause the hymen to rupture.

2. Women who participate in the high jump, horse riding, martial arts, and other strenuous exercises can accidentally cause a rupture of the hymen. Other women can also cause a hymen rupture when washing their genitals, using a tampon improperly, or even during masturbation.

3. Strenuous exercises, vaginal medication, and some heavy manual labor can cause rupture of the hymen. Juvenile ignorance, pushing objects into the vagina, as well as masturbation, etc., can also make the hymen rupture.

Although society’s sexual attitudes are gradually opening up, there are still a lot of men who value virginity. However, the hymen does not necessarily break after sex only, which makes many women suffer wrong. Therefore, girls’ self-love is important, but men should also be generous and not undermine the feelings between a couple because of a meaningless layer of film. There must be mutual trust between couples.

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