Use of Sex Tools Must Be Moderate

Now society has become more open, more and more people use sex tools. Many are even somewhat dependent on them, but the use of tools cannot be excessive, otherwise there may be damaging effects on the body.

Use of tools is totally unnecessary if people have normal sexual function. It is also not advocated among young students. Although physiologically, young men have sexual excretion impulses, the sexual impulse energy storage is adjusted through sleeping emissions. Those who use tools early are more prone to a series of complications such as prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, decreased libido, and others.

“Female apparatus” like masturbation tools mainly vibrate to stimulate the sensitive area, and can bring varying degrees of pleasure and even orgasm. Sexual tools do solve some people’s sexual repression, sexual annoyance and anxiety, but it is after all only an auxiliary tool. You cannot completely replace a sexual partner, and cannot replace the caresses and tenderness. With over-reliance on tools, the body indulges in a strong stimulus. Gradually, aversion to a normal sex life develops, which really should not be the case. Also, frequent use of tools and too large intensity; easily cause vaginal bleeding and infection. So tools must be used with some restraint.

Similarly, experts have said: Masturbation behavior is one of the most common methods for men and women in adulthood to find release. In school, adolescent health education classes are also not very opposed to such behavior, but moderation is important otherwise it can be harmful to health.

Now, with the evolution of material and cultural standards, people turn to the pursuit of spiritual pleasure. People’s ideas towards sex tools are also much improved. In fact, as long as tools are used properly, and you choose recognized factory produced or well-known brands, tools can greatly enhance sexual pleasure. But you cannot be too dependent on sex tools. They must be used in moderation, so as not to be counterproductive.

The inflatable doll is a very common sex tool. Experts say: Under normal circumstances, the use of tools is very safe. However, if physical symptoms appear during the process, then you must promptly go to the hospital for treatment.

Tip: Although the use of tools can greatly improve the fun in your sex life, it is recommended that you should not be too dependent on them; as it may have some side effects or affect your health.

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