Vulnerabilities of the Male Genital Area

Men want to be strong, whether in life or in bed. There is a fragile part however, that is a man’s genitals. So why are a man’s genitals so fragile? Read on to know.

There are a lot of televised football games, both local and international, and many young and old viewers are very fond of watching football. You may have noticed that during a penalty kick, the defensive wall of players always covers the lower front area with both hands. Why is that?

Men’s entire vulva, including the penis and testicles, are vital parts. This is especially so for the testicles. Testicular innervations, and the thick and tough outer layer, severely limit its volume and it is not easily deformed. Therefore, the testicles are an untouchable pair of delicate organs that are extremely sensitive to pressure. For example, you can easily pinch your thigh muscles or belly, and it will not feel particularly painful or uncomfortable. But if you use the same or smaller pinches on the testicles, it is unbearable. Therefore, if a man’s perineum, including the penis, scrotum, and testicles is heavily hit by a football, he will certainly roll in unbearable pain and may even faint. The latter occurrence is so-called neurogenic shock.

It stands to reason that the location of the testis is not vulnerable, but there are some cases where a direct testicular hit is easy to make. If you fall down from a bike for example, or drop onto a hard object and hit the testicles, then one cannot escape such a blow from the bottom. For the elderly in particular, their hands and feet are not as flexible, and it is very easy to fall down from a bike, or at a small roadside ditch. It is inevitable in the process, to suffer testicular damage. As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. The elderly must be careful to avoid such danger. Also, the testis is very delicate. Among the elderly, scrotal skin atrophy means it becomes very thin and its protective capability is even worse. When scrotal skin elasticity is poor, the degree of testicular suspension increases, so one must pay special attention.

After a hit, it is the testis reflex to contract close to the perineum. Therefore, as long as it was not too heavy a blow, the shrunk up testicles will decline to its original position. Otherwise, long-term abnormal testicular position and testicular torsion due to external stimulation, can cause vascular distortion, testicular blood supply disruption and ischemia, which in turn can cause testicular tissue necrosis.

If the pain eases quickly, generally there is no problem. But if the pain is not abating, or there is blood in the urine, then one should be immediately sent to hospital for examination and urology treatment. If you miss the treatment opportunity, there may be serious complications.

A man’s genitals is fragile ground so men must pay attention and avoid penis injuries.

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