Weightlifting is a Powerful Source of Male Sexuality

When men lift weights, the body’s male hormone secretion will be doubled, so you can maintain a good state of youth. So often, weightlifting men are dominant in their sex life. Want to know why weightlifting gives men strong sexuality? Take a look below.

Men can shape the muscles to improve male hormone secretion. In particular, before a date, men can do some weight training because male hormones in the man’s body peaks in the 48 hours after weightlifting.

In addition to being controlled by the brain, the libido is also closely related with the endocrine, while Leydig cells that secrete androgens mainly drive the sexual act. Some men who have had certain diseases or suffered trauma may damage testicular function, which may lead to hypogonadism. If this happens before puberty, it may affect sexuality and sexual organs. If it occurs in adulthood, it can cause partial and even complete loss of libido.

Muscle size and strength is closely related with the secretion of testosterone, and weightlifting is the best way to increase muscle size and strength. Weightlifting mainly trains the shoulders, back and arm muscle strength. A good level of activation improves the role of androgen receptors. Meanwhile, weightlifting is also a good way to lose weight. Weight loss can help with sex, and increase the potential of sexuality.

In addition to weightlifting, push-ups, squats, jogging, etc. can also promote male hormone secretion and improve sexual performance. Research has also showed that almost any aerobic exercise is beneficial to sexual activity. Running, walking, and other sports make people more sexually active.

There are quite a few people who get lazy and do not want to promote male hormone secretion through physical activity. They are more inclined to seek the help of drugs, which is very undesirable. Some athletes take hormones as a stimulant, which can eventually lead to testicular atrophy in males. In females, there may be the appearance of a larger Adam’s apple, a hoarse voice, clitoral hypertrophy, beard growth, and other masculine traits. More seriously, casual taking of hormone drugs can also lead to cardiovascular or liver damage, and other more severe conditions. It has killed hundreds of people.

Therefore, in order to better ensure the rejuvenation of your body so that you have strong sexuality, it is suggested that men exercise their body with weights in their free time.

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