What Women Are Like When They Want To Have Sex

When asked to describe her libido, each woman’s answer is different.

One woman so described her sexuality: “Sometimes I feel uterine peristalsis, and it seems only a man’s organ can resolve it.” “I’ll have the impulse on the eve of a vacation. Sometimes I imagine the organs of the opposite sex.” “Before menstruation, I sometimes feel rhythmic genital twitching, perhaps this is the feeling of sexual desire.”

“I think libido is the feeling of wanting to have sex with men. The physical manifestation of this is a lot of vaginal discharge, while the psychological manifestation is excitement. For some time after graduating from college, my panties were wet every day. I know a female doctor and I asked her if this is a disease. She laughed and said this is not a disease; it is caused by increased estrogen secretion. This situation will continue till nearly 40 years old, when there is less vaginal discharge.”

“I think the feeling of libido is like having an itchy clitoris.” “One time I was having sex, but regardless of what we did, I was not wet; but with this partner, I get wet naturally without doing anything. Every time after he showers and jumps into bed naked, when I see him like this, naturally there is desire.”

“I think libido is an itchy heart sensation. Physically, there is a feeling of heat in the lower parts.”"The physiological impulse is a feeling of abdominal fullness. In the face of a particularly lovely person who can move you, there is this feeling.”

A middle-aged single woman said: “When I was young, in the summer nights, I would suddenly feel my whole body swelling, sometimes it was the thighs, and sometimes the armpits, it was a difficult feeling. Whenever I had this feeling, I had to get up and walk, or else I would think of ways to fall asleep quickly, to avoid this uncomfortable feeling.”"I remember when I was recently graduated from university, I felt like an undeveloped chick. Up till the age of twenty forty or five, then I felt mature. Sometimes I would stroke myself and it felt good. I would hope for someone else’s touch. Sometimes there were very powerful physiological impulses, and I would be physically restless.”

“One spring, it felt like a primitive thing had returned to my body, that is appetite and libido. I had an outbreak of lust, and was looking for men. I thought I must restrain myself, do not destroy other’s interests, and do not publicize.” One woman who had been seduced into losing her virginity so talked about sexual feeling: “Before this matter, I had absolutely no sexual feelings. Once my brother’s friend put his hands on me at the park, but I was totally unresponsive. No matter where he touched me, it failed to pique my desire. There was another occasion on the train, there was an army man waiting at the train station. We were both sitting in a relatively dark place, he also made moves but I did not respond, so I think that if I am not mature, they cannot succeed. At a young age there is no feeling, when I was older and men touched him me, there is a reaction.”

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