Xiao Ru

Xiao Ru
Spa Escort No.: 8217
Born: 1987
Escort Nationality: Philippino
Escort Height: 159.4 cm
Escort Weight: 49.4 kg
Location: Petaling Jaya (PJ)
Hobbies: Singing
Service Type: Massage
Rate: RM 200 – RM 450
Contact: +6016-360 0848

Sex Tips & Knowledge

Physiologically, the bodies of men and women make a variety of responses once stimulated by sex. Generally, they experience sexual excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution in four stages.

However, men and women are not the same in the time or form of expression. Men’s reactions are relatively monotonous whereas women tend to have more colorful responses. For this reason, clarifying women’s pleasure center can become very complicated. The female yin pedicle plays a decisive role in orgasm, hence the theory of the so-called yin pedicle orgasm.

The yin pedicle is located at the front corner outside the yin crack. From a genetic point of view, it belongs with the male yin stem. The yin pedicle is a cavernous structure, and the surface is covered with albuginea. Normally, it is like a yin stem hidden among the foreskin. The yin pedicle becomes erect in excitement, and once again “hidden in foreskin” during plateau. The yin pedicle does not actually become smaller at this time, but because insertion of the yin stem softens the channel and stimulates the small yin lips around the entrance, while elongating the connected yin pedicle foreskin, the yin pedicle is hidden in them. Accordingly, the female orgasm is due to indirect stimulation of the yin pedicle. Stimulation of the yin channel only is not sufficient for orgasm.

The yin pedicle’s exact function has not yet been made clear, but since God created this organ, it must certainly not be useless. So the yin pedicle must play a role. The problem is that clouds of tactile nerve endings are found on the yin pedicle, but the baroreceptors and its sensitivity compared with other parts of the female body, is not more outstanding. As the yin pedicle is connected to the body’s special nerve endings, of course there is sexual feeling. It is just that the yin pedicle, unlike the yin stem, does not have to be held and rubbed to be excited. Women will be able to get pleasure as long as it is gently stroked.

For animals, sex is just for reproduction, so they do not have the pleasure caused by the yin pedicle like human females. From the point of view of animal mating, yin channel contraction only plays a triggering role, namely to promote male excitement and prompt ejaculation. However, for humans, orgasm becomes diversified. Women want to get yin pedicle stimulation, and men try to do so to make women happy. One of the reasons humans become actively interested in sex can be attributed to yin pedicle feeling.

As far as orgasms go, medical scientists have considered the yin pedicle orgasm theory as gospel truth. However, in recent years, some physicians have questioned the myth of the yin pedicle. They argue that the role of the yin pedicle has been overemphasized, and the role of the yin channel ignored. Experiments results of female masturbation show that both yin pedicle and yin channel orgasms are possible, although the feeling is different. In view of the degree of pleasure, there is as yet no standard measurement, so it is difficult to discern the scientific difference between the two. In fact, stimulation of both at the same time is the best.

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