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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Menstrual Napkin Selection

For women, there are always a few secretive days each month. Ultra-thin, extended, daily use, night use, cotton… there is such variety in the types of sanitary napkins available. They are a woman’s common living supplies, and are not only convenient and practical, but they also have the major responsibility of being a woman’s health “bodyguard”. If women are a little careless, sanitary napkins can become the cause of personal injury, because the female pelvis, uterus, cervix, vagina, and external environment are interlinked. Such a structure means women’s reproductive systems are particularly vulnerable to external bacterial invasion. In particular, during menstruation, the reproductive organs are more vulnerable than usual. If used improperly, or if women use substandard sanitary napkins, they are prone to infection and other health hazards.

Using inferior quality napkins can result in the following hazards: If the sanitary napkin surface material is not good enough, there may not be enough penetration, and blood will remain on the surface of the napkin. It is neither comfortable nor healthy, and can easily bring about the embarrassment of a pants “leak”. If the sanitary napkin has excessive microbial indicators, it easily leads to gynecological diseases that cause the menstruating female body great harm. If the PH value is not right, it can cause skin itching and burning. So, to feel at ease and comfortable, women must use a critical eye to choose the intimate monthly menstrual partner. Health and safety in this palm-sized place is particularly important.

To choose the most reassuring “menstrual partner”, try to ensure the credibility of the product, and carefully check the packaging for health permits, security signs and shelf life. These are the first steps to making the right choice. Next, it is necessary to “investigate” all aspects of the sanitary napkin.

Picking the right sanitary napkin is a small detail that is likely to reveal whether a woman is elegant or rough. A fine woman will never allow the following two conditions to occur:

First, because of shyness, you grab the first thing you see on the supermarket shelf and throw it into your shopping cart without even looking at the instructions; the second is consistently using the same kind of sanitary napkin from the first day to the seventh day, day or night, no matter if the amount is large or small.

There are daily use, night use, cotton, and silk sanitary napkins. Women who know how to take care of themselves will carefully study the function of various types of sanitary napkins, and subdivide them according to their needs, so they can be intimately comfortable all the time. For example, people with sensitive skin best use cotton mesh napkins, and not dry mesh. Women who do not have sensitive skin, and have normal menstrual flow, are more suited to using dry mesh napkins. Dry mesh absorbs quickly, and is suitable for heavy flows, but cotton mesh is more soft and comfortable on the skin.

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