Yu Yu

Yu Yu
Spa Escort No.: 8210
Escort Nationality: Local
Escort Height: 159.7 cm
Escort Weight: 49.9 kg
Location: Petaling Jaya (PJ)
Hobbies: Games
Service Type: Full Service
Rate: RM 200 – RM 450
Contact: +6016-360 0848

Sex Tips & Knowledge

The Golden Numbers Of Love

Going from strangers to being in intimate contact with each other takes an average of six months. Love is a process of mutual understanding and exploration. Move too fast and you cannot enjoy the pleasure of love, too slow and you may lose the passion. What other numbers are there? Take a look!

15 minutes – The best foreplay duration
15 minutes is the best duration for foreplay. If there is too little time, women cannot mobilize their body’s passion and cannot play to their best in sex; but when it lasts too long, the heat will have already cooled and by the time sex occurs, the appetite is lost.

15 minutes is the most perfect foreplay time, whereby both people are prepared just right. Foreplay should not be boring. In these 15 minutes, you can caress and talk sexy or even dirty!

8 times – The monthly sex limit
If you have sex more than eight times a month, your physical fatigue will increase. Do not put your sex life in a format, but the number of times you have sex must not exceed 8 times each week! Doing so will slow the body’s blood circulation, and the energy storage capacity of the body will naturally decrease. There will be fatigue not only during sex, but at work as well. It is best to evenly distribute sex – sex is not to be enjoyed all in one week, followed by a few straight weeks of rest! 2-3 times a week is the best choice!

10 minutes – Optimal exercise time before sex
Before sex, it is not just the man who should exercise. Women also need to exercise, as it can increase the flexibility of the hip muscles, enhance the woman’s vagina firmness, and improve the quality of sex. The best before-sex exercise is very simple to do. After dinner, walk a little faster for 10 minutes and let the body sweat slightly. At home, take a shower and you can then prepare for sex!

1 kind – Fruit that improves sex
Kiwi is the fruit of choice to enhance sex because it contains other rare fruits’ folic acid, carotene, calcium, lutein, amino acids and natural inositol. In addition, it increases the decomposition rate of fat, so you can maintain a good body and better attract his attention! The best way is to eat only one a day, and you can transport 1/5 of all the energy the body needs, perfect for delivering sex energy. You can pair it with ice and low-fat salad dressing, and prepare a fresh and delicious kiwi salad dish that promotes sex, adds energy, and burns fat to achieve win-win results.

10:00 – Women have the most sexual fantasies at this time
Women are most likely to have sexual fantasies at 10pm. Harvard Medical experts found that at 10pm or so, female creative brain cells are at their most active. Their imagination is wild, and most of the content their fantasies is sex or love related. Therefore, best for men to go to bed before 10 o’clock and share the passion.

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