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Sex Tips & Knowledge

Too Frequent Sexual Intercourse Causes Infertility

The reason ejaculation during sex results in pregnancy is because the sperm and egg combine to form a fertilized egg. Without ejaculation, sperm cannot meet the egg and pregnancy does not arise. Failure to ejaculate is caused by both mental and organic reasons.

Medical research suggests that common causes of infertility has the following sexual symptoms:

Mental factors include taking the coitus interruptus approach and deliberately not ejaculating, for fear of pregnancy or childbirth; organic factors include a genitourinary tract disease, such as congenital absence of vas deferens or vas deferens obstruction, so that sperm cannot be excreted.

Inability to ejaculate or ejaculation incompetence also means inability to orgasm. Inability to ejaculate and ejaculation incompetence are different in that the former completely lacks the ability to ejaculate, while the latter has the ability to ejaculate but sperm or semen cannot be ejected in vitro due to disease or other factors.

So-called impotence refers to cases where the penis cannot erect or erections are not hard during sex, so sexual intercourse cannot be completed. If you cannot have sex, then of course, you cannot get pregnant.

For women, the ovulation period is essentially two weeks before menstruation. Conceiving is only possible if there is intercourse two or three days before and after ovulation. This period is “vulnerable to pregnancy,” so to couples that are concerned about contraception, it is a “dangerous period.” If you have sex in the non-ovulation period, because you are not ovulating, you will not get pregnant.

Some couples think that increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse can increase the probability of pregnancy, and thus have frequent sex, but the results are still hopeless. The reason is because too frequent sexual intercourse can cause reduced sperm count, lower quality sperm, and even ejection of immature sperm, so you cannot get pregnant. Only those who have regular intercourse in order to ensure the quantity and quality of sperm, have the potential for pregnancy.

Too little sexual intercourse on the other hand means too few opportunities for the sperm to meet the egg, and it is also not easy to conceive. In addition, when the frequency of sexual intercourse is too little and the interval between each sexual encounter is too long, excreted sperm quality is likewise not high as it is “aged”, which is similarly not conducive to pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, during ejaculation, the sperm should be emitted in vitro. If the sperm is not emitted in vitro, but instead reverses into the bladder, it is retrograde ejaculation. The male urethra has two functions – ejaculation and urination. When the bladder sphincter contracts, urine is “off” in the bladder. If the bladder sphincter is relaxed, urine will be excreted.

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